Getting to Know Ninja Zone: Ninja Trainer Danny

Hey Ninjas! We’re starting a blog series that’ll give you a chance to get to know the Ninjas behind the scenes of NinjaZone. This week, our featured Ninja is Ninja Trainer Danny!



1. Name?

Danny Wohlschlaeger


2. Age?




3. Eye Color?




4. Favorite Color?

Purple – Green – Orange – Red… TOO MANY AWESOME COLORS!!!



5. Job Title Here?

Master of Curriculum and Instruction



6. First Job Ever?

I was a whichmeister at Which Wich Superior Sandwiches!



7. Where’d you go to high school?

Westfield, Indiana – Home of the Shammys!



8. Have kids?




9. If so, how many?




10. Funniest thing one of your kids has ever done?

Well, one of my ninjas ran up to me one time punching his fists forward yelling, “I’M A DIG PUNCHER” – and I was like “WHAT!!!” After a few more times yelling, “I’M A DIG PUNCHER!” He said he was punching “dirt”. His punches were about waist high, and it was difficult to hear exactly what he was saying, so it sounded to me like he was saying something a little different.



11. Have any pets?




12. If so how many and what?

My roommates Dog, Pepper… She is nuts.



13. Who was your last text from?




14. Who’s your last call from?




15. Would you rather, eat one cockroach a day for the rest of your life, or have Donald Trump’s hair for the rest of your life?

Cockroach for sure.



16. Favorite Ninja Move?

The Kong Vault.



17. Nachos or Tacos?

This is too hard of a question. Anyone who likes tacos (assuming they like hardshell tacos) is going to like nachos. Nachos are just hardshell tacos broken into bit size pieces, and I am a fan of both.



18. What is your hidden talent?

I have excellent handwriting and I often surprise people with my artistic side.



19. What’s the #1 thing to do on your bucket list?

Spend all my time with big cats!



20. Where is the coolest place you’ve ever been?

St. Louis is pretty sweet during baseball season (if you’re a cardinals fan), but Times Square (New York) was pretty cool when I went there.



21. Did you have a childhood nickname?If so, what was it?

Who, Hoosh, Worsh, Wolfdestroyer, Worldchanger, Woolshredder, Hob-Nob, Danny Woah, Dan Dan the Farmer man.



22. What sports did you play as a kid?

Baseball was first, but then wrestling took over.



23. Final question, what’s your favorite sport? (If you don’t say Ninja, you’re fired.)



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